High energy, unforgettable memories, and smiles all appear for your child’s experience with Surge Studio! Your young one will develop an understanding of the performing arts culture and cultivate discipline, self-awareness, and confidence in an encouraging, vibrant atmosphere. At Surge Studio, students ranging in age of 3-18 (in high school) train in a variety of classes that are based on age and level of experience.

Students may be placed in specific classes based on faculty recommendation. ​


Full Year Youth Dancer (30 weeks)

2019-2020 season runs from September 9th-May 16th
Perform in end of year showcase
NEW All students will experience a professional in-class video shoot of class choreography!

2 for $10 Trial Offer

Youth dancers will be able to try 2 classes for the price of $10 in order to get a sense of our classes, styles, and teachers. What a perfect way to try out a class before making a commitment! Parents, don’t miss out on this offer and be sure to purchase your child’s 2 for $10 trial dance card today!

Class Descriptions

Tiny Volts (available for ages 3-4)

Watch your child delight with jumps, kicks, and breaking it down to Hip-Hop jams in our 45 minute Tiny Volts class! Students grow in excitement as they blossom with dance terminology and basic movement in Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Creative Movement. Light up those dancing feet for a memorable Surge experience!

​​BONUS: The fun doesn’t stop! A supervised dance playdate from 4:30-5pm is offered every week FREE of charge! So if you need a half hour to spare before picking up your Tiny Volt, then those dancing feet can hang out with us!

Hip-Hop (available for ages 7-18)

Levels offered: Gen, Beg, Int/Adv
Does your child love Hip-Hop and wants to experience feeling the beat, living the rhythm, and getting down in the studio? At Surge Studio, students get hyped as they flourish in confidence dancing in our Hip-Hop classes that incorporate Street Jazz, Commercial Hip-Hop, and All-Boys Hip-Hop class of Breaking/B-Boying and Poppin’. There’s never a dull moment!

Contemporary/Jazz(available for ages 7-18)

Levels offered: Gen, Beg, Int/Adv
Your child can experience the expressiveness of movement that includes blends of Jazz, Classical Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, and even sometimes Hip-Hop dance elements. Along with Contemporary training, dancers receive traditional Jazz techniques and incorporate stylized Hip-Hop and Modern movement. Your child will prosper with confidence right before your eyes in our Contemporary/Jazz Technique classes. Gaining and developing strength, coordination, and body awareness with dance friends and good energy is an experience your child will never forget!

Tap (available for ages 7-18)

Levels offered: Gen, Beg, Int/Adv.
​Don’t forget about Tap! Let your child experience the meaning of “feel the beat, live the rhythm” in one of our Tap technique classes! With Tap fundamentals, students are able to work on learning new steps, patterns, rhythms, and combinations. And who wouldn’t be excited to learn intricate footwork and Tap skills? Come surge with us!

Combo Classes (available for ages 5-6)

Combination (combo) classes, are nothing but smiles, laughter, and the best days of the week for your 5-6 year old dancer!

Hip-hop/tap combo class is a fun introduction to Hip-Hop and Tap fundamentals, including sounds, rhythms, and coordination. And we can’t forget about the occasional use of our Disco lights! ​

​Ballet/Jazz combo class is a great and thorough introduction to Ballet and Jazz technique. And for that class, we can’t forget about using the Ballet barre, just like the older dancers do! Join the combo craze and dance with us!

Acro (available for ages 7-18)

Levels offered: Gen
Your child will thrive from a young age with confidence and technique as a Surge Studio student! Acro class incorporates a strength and conditioning warm-up to develop core muscles needed for dance! Acro (acrobatics) includes contortion work, flexibility, and basic cartwheels and round-offs and develops with aerials and handsprings. Your child will get a great push for growth! ​

Ballet (available for ages 7-18)

Levels offered: Gen, Beg, Int/Adv
Your child will flourish in our ballet program. Each Ballet class consists entirely of technique and is composed of barre work, center barre, adagio, and allegro. Students spend approximately thirty minutes of each class at the barre in order to develop the strength, balance, and placement necessary to properly execute center work.
This class is MANDATORY for dancers on our competition dance team. ​

Pointe (available for ages 13-18)

Levels offered: Int/Adv.
At this time, our Pointe class is only available for students in our 13-18 year old Int/Adv. Ballet class. Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s personal strength and physical development. The class is permitted to students under faculty discretion and runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes in addition to the 13-18 year old Int/Adv. Ballet class. ​​

Conditioning Class (Competition Team only)

Conditioning class is geared for Surge Studio Competition Dance Team members. If your child is on our team, then it’s a fact that you will witness your child develop a strong foundation and understanding of conditioning the body. The class includes a ballet portion, an intense warm up of the larger muscle groups, stretching and over-stretching, and core building.
This class is MANDATORY for dancers on our competition dance team.

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Cancellation policy: please note parents are responsible to agree to youth dance season agreement in online account. We do not issue refunds, and parents are responsible for any remaining balance if their child(ren) drop classes after December 31st. 

Work Study Program

At Surge Studio, we believe in giving back to the community with our offered services. This philosophy begins with giving back to our students. Any of our full-year students, aged 13-18, have the option of applying for our work study program, in which they can assist classes, become a member of our community creative board, or be part of our cleaning crew. In return for their services, they will be eligible for 15% discount from class tuition for the duration of the year if taking 4 more classes.

Positions are limited! ​

Overall Requirements

  • Students must be 13-18 years old
  • Must be a full-year student
  • Must be taking 4 or more classes/rehearsals to apply for work study
  • Failure to commit to the work study program results in suspension and immediate payment of class(es) for the remainder of the year

Teacher Assistant

  • Be able to lead class warm-up if teacher requests
  • Assist with across-the-floor combinations
  • Remember and do choreography/class routines with younger students
  • Be a role model and exemplify proper dance etiquette: no talking when teacher is talking, wearing proper attire, etc.
  • Cannot miss more than 6 classes during the year

Community Creative Board

  • Assist with birthday parties held at Surge Studio and out-of-studio events
  • Once a month during the semester, help establish a community event representing Surge Studio and attend that event
  • Assist with giveaways, contests via social media
  • Must commit to 1 hour/week to be part of Community Creative Board
  • Assist at the front desk

Cleaning Crew

  • Must thoroughly clean the studio: mirrors, sweep/mop floor, windows, ballet barres
  • Assist with birthday parties held at Surge Studio
  • Take out trash
  • Tidy up reception/waiting area
  • Must commit to 1 hour/week
  • Spots are limited for this work study position

Apply To Become A Full-Year Work Study Student