Dance Workshops are 1-time offered dance classes

  • $20/person for 90-minute workshops MUST be paid in full in advance
  • Registration is available up to 24 hours in advance of scheduled workshops
  • Please note: 6-class passes cannot be applied to dance workshops
  • Please note: prices are subject to change according to specific dance styles offered

Class Levels

– General (Gen)
– Beginner (Beg)
– Intermediate/Advanced (Int/Adv.)

Class Descriptions for Dance Workshops

Street Jazz​ (ages vary)

Levels offered: varied
Street Jazz is derived from Hip-Hop movement. This style of dance includes stylized Jazz movement with Hip-Hop flare and vibes coming directly from the streets and clubs.

Contemporary (ages vary)

Levels offered: varied
​Our Contemporary classes includes expressiveness of movement that stems from Jazz, Classical Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, and even sometimes Hip-Hop dance elements. Students are able to expand their sense of interpretation, movement and musicality.

Hip-Hop (ages vary)

Levels offered: varied
Our Hip-Hop dance class is available for dancers with little to plenty of dance experience. Class ranges from Street Jazz, Commercial Hip-Hop, to Breaking/B-Boying and Poppin’. There’s never a dull moment! You’ll have a nice warm-up, followed by learning choreography. ​

Jazz (ages vary)

Levels offered: varied
Surge Jazz classes implement traditional jazz techniques and incorporate stylized hip-hop and upbeat movement.

Heels (ages 16+)

Levels offered: varied
Our Heels class provides technique and style of performing in heels. The movement incorporates Street Jazz and focuses on texture quality, lines, weight shifting and feminine sex appeal!

Salsa (ages vary)

Levels offered: varied
Our newly offered Salsa dance workshop includes technique in weight shifting, arm and shoulder movement and overall musicality aesthetic of the Afro-Cuban dance. Some workshops will include partnering as well, so be on the lookout for our announcement for Salsa dance workshops with Surge Studio!

Upcoming Dance Workshops

There are no scheduled workshops at this time.