Are you 18+ years old and want to get out on the dance floor with us? Whether you have little to no dance experience or contain dance knowledge, you can join us for an electrifying Surge Studio experience! All levels are welcomed!

1st dance class is A TREAT FROM US TO YOU!

We switch up what we offer, so don’t miss out on our exclusive Surge group classes! Adult classes range from 45-60 minutes and run:

  • Monthly Class Mondays: 7:30-8:30pm

    • Same class each Monday for the month
  • Wildcard Wednesdays: 7:30pm-8:30pm

    • Class offered switches every Wednesday

View our CALENDAR page to see what we have this month!

Single Class

6-Class Pass

per single class
per 6 classes
Registration is needed for class Registration is needed for class
​We do require your card on file, but no payment is needed in advance ​6 Class Pass must be paid in full
No commitment of monthly payments Expires within 90 days of purchase

Our System

  • You must RSVP for any of our classes. Walk-ins are not guaranteed a spot in class
  • Our system requires a minimum of 3 dancers per class. You will be notified should there be any need to reschedule/cancel class(es) for which you registered​
  • If attending class(es), there is a 5 minute grace period to enter class after the start time
  • Registration and cancellation for each class ends 1 hour prior to start time
  • If you cancel your spot within 1 hour of class start time and/or are a “no show” for class, our new system will automatically charge the $10 single class rate and/or pull a session from 6-class punch card
  • If a class does not appear on the registration page, it is either full, cancelled, or you are already registered
  • Please note: 6-class passes cannot be applied to dance workshops.​

Class Descriptions for Weekly
​Adult Dance Classes

Class Levels

General (Gen)
Beginner (Beg)
Intermediate/Advanced (Int/Adv.)

Intermediate/Advanced Hip-Hop

Levels offered: Int/Adv.
Intermediate/Advanced Level Adult Hip-Hop dance class is available for you dancers with plenty of dance experience. This is the perfect class for any of you former dancers or college-aged students who have dance experience. You’ll have a nice warm-up, followed by learning choreography. ​

Class Duration: 60-minutes

Ballet Barre Hip-Hop

Levels offered: Gen.
Don’t have dance experience? No problem! This dance fitness class includes lower body and core focus warm up with use of the ballet barre. All major muscle groups are targeted, and we do it in style with some Hip-Hop vibe. Ballet with a twist and definitely a lot of sweat. Come surge with us!

​Class Duration: 60-minutes

Twerk ‘N Tone

Levels offered: Gen
So you want to bust a move and drop your booty low as your method of working out? Yup, this class is for you! A 45-minute nonstop full body dance class filled with bootylicious moves with a bit of a fitness vibe. So drop it like it’s hot and feel the burn!

Class Duration: 45-minutes

P.U.M.P. (Pump Up My Physique)

Levels offered: Beg.
Dancing in Heels? Yes! Feel nervous? Not to worry! Have you danced at a wedding or function in heels? Then now’s your chance to pull out your inner Beyoncé and be FIERCE in the studio with us! “Pump Up My Physique”, known as P.U.M.P., will get you fired up and feeling fabulous working out those dancing legs. Bring your favorite heels and get your groove on!

​Class Duration: 60-minutes

Cardio Hip-Hop

Levels offered: Gen
Cardio Hip-Hop class is jam packed with pumping beats and fun dance moves. You’ll certainly feel like you’re at a party, so get that heart rate going, bring your smiles, and be ready for fun! This class is PERFECT for beginner dancers learning basics in musicality and steps.

​Class Duration: 60-minutes

Open-Level Contemporary

Levels offered: Gen
Open-Level Contemporary is a class available for any adults aged 18+. The class includes expressiveness of movement that stems from Jazz, Classical Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, and even sometimes Hip-Hop dance elements.

Class Duration: 60-minutes

Not sure what to wear to class? No worries, we got you covered!

Dress Code

Pole Fitness

Get a chance to work on pole fundamentals and pole fitness at Surge Studio! No experience is necessary!
This is a separate offer from the class punch card or single class fee.

We offer pole fitness as private 1-on-1 session and includes:

  • Barefoot movement
  • 30-minute session (1-on-1 ONLY)
  • Available for ages 16+ (please note that students under 18 will have to have parent/guardian permission/registration)
  • $35 for 1-on-1 pole fitness session
  • $15 cancellation fee charged if cancelled within 1 hour of scheduled class time

Things to know before you hit the pole:

  • DON’T put on lotion, cream, body oil–it’s dangerous to be slipping on the pole because of poor grip.
  • DO bring a washcloth/towel
  • DON’T wear jewelry on wrists, fingers, ankles, neck, etc. You don’t want to scratch the pole nor have jewelry catch on clothing or on your skin
  • DO bring water and stay hydrated!
  • DON’T wear baggy clothing. Skin contact with the pole helps with spins and tricks. For best results, wear form fitting clothing that still exposes your skin from arm to shoulder and knee down. ie sports bra, booty shorts, tank top, capri leggings, biker shorts.
  • DO keep an open mind and have fun! Embrace your journey and growth with your pole dancing! You got this!
  • DON’T panic, but you might end up a bit sore after your session! You are putting in WERK, and your muscles will know all about your hard WERK!