Our Philosophy

Surge Studio in Congers fosters an attitude of family among our staff and students. Whether you have been dancing for years or are just getting started, we want you to feel welcome and supported at our dance studio. Our goal is for all of our students to develop a deep knowledge of dance techniques, grow in confidence, and develop skills that will benefit them in all aspects of their life.

Surge Studio welcomes students of all dance levels and abilities. We truly love helping beginners discover a passion for dance as much as we enjoy pushing our more advanced students to achieve greater heights in their skills and dance repertoire. If you are looking for a dance studio that can meet you at your level and encourage you to pursue your goals, then contact Surge Studio in Congers today and learn about the classes we offer. Come surge with us!

Our History

Surge Studio was founded in February 2014 by Carly Harper. Initially, our first Surge Studio Competition Dance Team members and adult class attendees had rehearsed and taken dance classes at various fitness facilities and other locations. It wasn’t until September of 2014 that Surge found its first home at Colonial Plaza in Congers, NY.

Within our first few months of operation, we offered a free community yoga class at Valley Cottage Library, and dance sessions at Willow Grove Elementary School, Nyack High School, Thiells Elementary School, and Haverstraw Elementary School! We have been contacted by many different domestic and international agencies who wish to establish relationships with our faculty and students, including Go 2 Talent Agency in Los Angeles, agencies from Texas, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Kenya! We are so appreciative for the continued love and support of our new friends as we continue to grow.

Our Policies

  • Surge Studio promotes a philosophy of positive vibes, which means that we do not tolerate any bullying, hate, or negativity. We reserve the right to remove any students from class if they do not abide by this policy.
  • Additionally, we do not allow any recording or pictures involving students, class choreography, or music without the express, written permission of Surge Studio staff. This policy ensures the protection of all of our students, as well as the work of our choreographers and faculty members.
  • All non-adult students attending class or rehearsal must not be more than 15 minutes late. if you are more than 15 minutes late, then you will be required to sit out during that day’s session. We want our students to be properly warmed up by staff members before engaging in a dance class or dance rehearsal. Additionally, it is not polite or respectful to the instructors, choreographers, or your classmates to show up late. We encourage you to attend class even if you are running late, because there is still much that you can learn from observation. Dancers who are injured or sick have shared how they are able to get a new perspective of class while sitting and observing.
  • Effective as of August 15, 2018, all dance studio clients must enroll in auto-pay.